Flower’s makeup is done ,
Ready to welcome sun ,and ray
For bringing a new day,
And listening the pray ,of plant
Bees also came to chant
As a thanks for the grant,of light
To you golden sun bright,
For bringing back delight ,from sky

Image source : http://www.santabanta.com/


Waiting for permission of time for landing
In heart of a lover , has started demanding
In the priority of life it was always above
That sweet oldest tradition of falling in love
And using the best and beautiful chance
To tie heart with joy,happiness and romance
For forever like bonding of poem and words
Tweeting on the heart’s paper like birds




Nothing is more important than collaboration of hearts,you+me
Nothing is more cute and sweet than relation of hearts,you+me
Life tried many things for the enjoyment and entertainment but ..
Nothing bring happiness like love confirmation of hearts,you+me
Time is passing ,unseen wind is blowing ,blue sky is watching but
Nothing is here between one us than reflection of hearts,you+me
Four silent eyes are talking promoting the unconditional love
Nothing is here except beat communication of hearts,you+me
Feelings is touching the soul ,bringing one us closer and closer
Paralysed by romance ,only i can feel ,vibration of hearts,you+me
What a romantic dream ,now i woke up alone with a hope to meet
Still this “SAN” is waiting MOON for association of hearts,you+me