White Butterfly



flying without wings
Sitting on the trees
Resting on windows
That white butterfly

Coming from heaven
With message of God
That winter is coming
That white butterfly

Bringing the cold
Adding beauty on earth
Flying without wings
That white butterfly

Image source : http://ewallpaperhub.com/snow-falling-wallpaper/


Tanvi Nagi


I am your lover, love your pair with earring
Even Tho i know your affair with earring
You keep saying you like me,You love me
But Most of the time you share with earring
Whose closeness you like the most,me or he
How a true lover can compare with earring
I tried many time to paste a kiss on cheek
But cheek was always there with earring
I had a feeling, I should give you another
Selfish love is trying to ensnare with earring
He is making you happy in absence of me
Eyes of “SAN” like your hair with earring




All small plants and big trees
Welcoming the mighty Sun
Standing along with flying bees

Decoration is already done
Plants and tress are with bouquet
Waiting for arrival of sun

Hi is on his way!
Rays are shouting like a fool
See,Sun is coming with day

Bringing with light unseen fuel
For the cooking ,for trees and plants
Since he is the king ready to rule